About My OT

Sea Moss has been in Caribbean culture for centuries, it's a type of vegetation from the Caribbean Sea that carries 92 of 102 essential minerals.

In the Caribbean, living organic and true is respected as the foundation to a long and prosperous life. For this reason, Sea Moss has long been an essential vegetation in the diet and culture of coastal communities.

Our top seller is 'Le' Mermade' Sea Moss-infused Lemonade. We have discovered a way to bottle, package, and brand an Island Grandma's go-to remedy for a wide range of bodily ailments. 
We call it Mermaid Magic you'll stop at Mmm...

My Organic Truth, LLC. was started in South Florida. Since inception, the brand set out to make health and wellness a commonality of everyday life. 

The journey to personal truth is a tale of exploration and discovery. The things consumed along that journey should strengthen and heal us. 
Prevention before the cure.